Lathed v Standard CD Blind Test

Lathed v Standard CD Blind Test

  1. RobHolt
    Many thanks to Lee for providing two CDRs of recorded music, one on a standard TDK disc and the other identical in every way apart from having been lathed.

    Lathing is a process by which the CD is carefully trimmed so as to be perfectly circular, which it's claimed improves the sound quality. CD lathing machines are sold as audiophile upgrades.

    Below you will find links to two tracks taken from the CDs.

    Both discs were played in turn on a Meridian 206 CD player with the output taken from the optical output and fed straight into the digital input of a Macbook Pro.

    Everything is left at 16/44.1 just as on the disc itself.

    There is a poll attached to the tread so please do listen, comment and vote. I'd suggest the comments are more important than the vote, but remember that hi-fi is meant to bring pleasure and enjoyment, so no need for screaming and shouting :)

    Track A:

    Track B:

    Track A + Track B (Zipped):


    Shorter excerpts:

    File A (short):

    File B (short)

    Short Track A + Short Track B (Zipped):



    Poll Result: