Accoustic room treatment. simple tips pls

Discussion in 'Pro Audio' started by Brothermark, Jul 13, 2003.

  1. Brothermark

    Brothermark Guest

    I'm turning my garage into a piano sales showroom where customers can come
    and play my pianos.

    Currently, it makes a great echo-chamber but I could do with some advice on
    how to soften the sound of the room a little. A bright-sounding room is good
    for pianos, but not too bright.

    1 wall is painted breeze-block
    2 walls are painted plasterboard
    1 wall is the garage door which will have a curtain hung over it.
    The floor is asphalt
    The roof is painted plasterboard

    I'm thinking of hanging strips of material around the place. Its quite a
    small room 9ft x 15ft approx so I need to be careful not to make it look
    even smaller than it is.

    Any general advice would be great
    Brothermark, Jul 13, 2003
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