Adding a 2nd pair of front speakers.

Discussion in 'Hi-Fi and General Audio' started by TheSkinDoctor, Feb 9, 2024.

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    Hi all. I’m new to the group. I’m a b/boomer from the late ’50s and a weekend-warrior muso for about 40 years. ‘Hearing impaired to a degree (Playing drums in the pubs during the ‘80s – younger folk, be warned).

    After reading a few posts, I can see a wealth of knowledge in the group, so I hope to gain some of it as I grapple with a small challenge.

    I have acquired a new pair of speakers for my hi-fi, and I’m looking to use them in conjunction with my old speakers to (hopefully) enjoy a fuller and broader audio range. It involves connecting two speakers to my Front Left output and two to my Front Right output. So here’s the existing setup…

    Yamaha RX-V461 amplifier. Power out = 100w to 8 Ohms (Minimum speaker load impedance = 6 Ohms)

    1 pair Yamaha NS100-m’s. 30w (60w max) 6 Ohms

    1 Pair Yamaha NS244’s. 30w (60w max) 8 Ohms

    ( +1 Yamaha NS-SW700 Subwoofer and a Yamaha NS-C444 centre speaker.)

    I am currently using the NS100-m’s with the sub-woofer, but there is a bit of a gap in the frequency output of the NS100-m (18cm woofer cone) and the standalone sub-woofer (25cm cone. Down-facing, ported). The spare pair of NS-244’s with 22cm cones fit nicely in the middle of the other two cone sizes.

    (A small detail to add is that on the 244s, one of the beryllium tweeters is blown, so I will disconnect the tweeter in the other matching speaker. The NS-10m’s are bright enough, and I want to add warmth to my sound in the mid-range area.)

    Here’s my question. How do I connect the NS-244 speaker pair to my existing front speaker pair, and will the removal of the tweeters in the 244’s impact connection calculations?
    TheSkinDoctor, Feb 9, 2024
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    narabdela, May 7, 2024
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