AMD's 2014 GPU preview.

Discussion in 'Audio Equipment' started by Skybuck Flying, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. Hello,

    I think I just watched what AMD likes to call AMD's 2014 GPU preview:

    A presentation about their latest graphics cards and the software that will
    use it.

    1. The biggest dropping bombshell they had is TrueAudio. Apperently some of
    their high-end models will have special audio chip/features which will
    accerately and make possible new audio technologies. One them might be
    Astounding Surround, some kind of algorithm company on the audio front. It
    did sound kinda interesting even over crappy stereo video broadcast or so.
    I am pretty sure this will have the competition on their toes. I do know
    that audio plays a big roll in gaming. How good it will be on AMD remains to
    be seen... how this will affect creative labs remains to be seen. Also
    nvidia is not suddenly a little bit less interesting though they still have
    cuda which might also be good for audio processing, though something
    dedicated might work faster.

    2. Then there might be another big bombshell which remains somewhat of a
    mystery for now... they call it "mantle". I am not sure what this is... it's
    some kind of light wave driver that would allow developers direct access to
    the GPU... maybe it's some kind of cuda-like thingy... or maybe it's a
    rebranding of their old stuff. This his me somewhat interested into what it
    is ofcourse so I will google it later to see if I can find anything more
    about it. Later this year this will introduce/detail it more on their
    developer conference/summit or something like that.

    3. There was also some section about Battlefield 4... which will also
    provide an update in december... at least they hope so... I am some what
    skeptical that this will become a reality. Time will tell... the claim is
    that mantle might accellerate gpu calls from the cpu 9x fold. Haha. I'd like
    to see that first before I believe it ;) :)

    4. Ofcourse there was also some gloating about their new gpu being faster
    than anything else. The beginning of the presentation was about 4K monitors
    which is very interesting.
    Ya know... more pixels... if their GPUs can drive such a sucker remains to
    be seen... though that would be cooooool. Then there is also eye infinity
    for multiple monitors for those that interested in that. Which does not
    include mean. I rather have one nice big monitor.

    So in short:

    1. TrueAudio transisters on the GPU chip ?

    2. Mantle light weight driver/programming api ?

    3. Battlefield 4 might use it in december.

    4. 4K monitors !

    (They also managed a little bit more power efficiency... though I remain
    skeptical... also some scaling and such from laptop to high end pc)

    2014 gonna be a somewhat interesting year ! ;) :)

    Skybuck Flying, Sep 26, 2013
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