Arcam Alpha3 Alpha 3 Disortion Problem

Discussion in 'High End Audio' started by Uwe Surojegin, Jul 20, 2003.

  1. Hello Folks,
    I'm servicing an Acram Alpha 3 amplifier. The amp gives clear and nice sound
    up to a volume of around 11 o'clock on the volume potentiometer. Above 12
    o'clock the amplifier give a "bad" distortion on both channels.
    Has anyone an idea what that that could be? Almost all transistors have been
    replaced already (I have the service manual and circuit diagram etc).
    Looking for input and ideas on how to solve that problem.
    Thanx in advance
    Uwe Surojegin, Jul 20, 2003
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  2. Uwe Surojegin

    chris Guest

    Sorry if this sounds like trying to teach you grandmother to suck eggs, but
    check for clipping distortion with your scope.
    It could be that as you have replaced most of the transistors that they are
    now biased incorrectly especially if they weren't quite the same type or
    rating, (there is quite a spec range especially from different manufactures)
    but 1st check the power supply ensue that will deliver the power required
    old electrolytic caps are favourite here.
    You might be better off running this one on a different forum like unless you have empirical proof that the distortion actually
    exists plus mathematical explanation fit for, that would pass the Nobel
    committee or else you may be delusional ;¬) .
    chris, Jul 20, 2003
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