Audio dogs save the day.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Lenny, Mar 13, 2020.

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    Feb 11, 2020
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    I thought the following might be an amusing story.

    My wife purchased speaker stands as a Christmas present last year, 2019. They were easy to assemble, improved the sound, and look nice. There was a provided a slut running up the back of the stand to hide speaker wires. During assembly I ran my wire through the sluts. All seemed fine.

    About a month or so ago I just began to play a few vinyl to relax in the evening. As soon as the music started one of my dogs hurried to the right channel speaker and started to smell around the top section of the stand were the speaker sits, and were the wire emerges from the stand to attach to the back posts of the speakers. Another of my dogs was right behind the first, acting in the same manner. This was odd behavior.

    A second later the protect mode was triggered and the system went down. I unplugged all equipment, checking for a problem. But all seemed fine.

    I gingerly turned on the system and again the dogs hurried toward the right channel. And as one could guise, the protect mode was again triggered.

    I again unplugged all equipment and began a very through search when it occurred to me why my dogs acted in that odd manner. I ran my fingers up the speaker wire that ran up and through the right channel speaker. Sure enough, I felt a small nicked section which bared a little bit of copper wire. It seemed the copper was rubbing against the stand, which caused it to ground out. I think I caused the nick which bared the copper when I pulled the wire through the stand. It just hadn’t rubbed against the stand until that night. It was an easy fix. All was and is well.

    Apparently, my dogs could smell and or hear the discharge to which they reacted. Because of them I easily discovered the problem. It was repaired without any damage to my system.

    One final note which may further explain my dogs actions. All of my dogs (five) like music. They seem to prefer mild rock such as the “Madmen Across the Water” LP by Elton John and “After the Goldrush “ LP by Neil Young.

    I suppose they didn’t like the sound of the discharge and were inclined to protest.

    Here’s to my Audio Dogs. They saved the day.
    Lenny, Mar 13, 2020
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