Behind-the-head headphones

Discussion in 'Audio Equipment' started by GARY, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. GARY

    GARY Guest

    While walking, I wear a wide-brim Panama hat while listening to
    audiobooks played on my Sony D-NF340 CD Walkman & MP3 Player.

    :Over the top of the head" headphones are very uncomfortable when worn
    with a hat.
    "Ear clip" headphones hurt my ears.
    Earbuds that fit in my ear canals fall out if they don't have a band
    or other mechanism to hold the buds in place).

    Can you recommend good (especially, comfort-wise) "behind-to-head" or
    "behind -the-neck" headphones? (I've tried Philips SHS8200/28 and
    Sennheiser PX 100, PMX100 and HD 202 but they quickly hurt my outer
    GARY, Nov 20, 2011
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