Best Blu-ray player for wireless Netflix streaming?

Discussion in 'Audio Equipment' started by gwazoo, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. gwazoo

    gwazoo Guest

    Any recommendations? I hear that the Panasonics don't stream Netflix
    reliably and that the LG's buffer all the time. Bought a Roku and
    returned it. My wireless internet is AT&T U-Verse. Any suggestions
    would be appreciated.
    gwazoo, Sep 11, 2011
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  2. gwazoo

    Kele Guest

    Netflix has a new "outstanding" interface according to the Home Theater
    magazine, Jul 2011. Says PS3, Apple TV, Roku are the only streamers for now
    that can use this - though firmware updates to allow other (existing)
    players this ability may become available. Conclusion recommendation of the
    article, the writer recommends PS3 w/Netflix, VUDU, and Hula Plus. The PS3
    is also said to be an excellent Bluray player. VUDU is said to have the
    highest quality media streams.

    Why did you return the Roku? Ruku HD, XD, and XDS are listed as Netflix

    Oppo if you can.
    Kele, Sep 13, 2011
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