Connecting multiple Midi devices

Discussion in 'MIDI' started by Robert Maguire, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. I use a device called the Pocket Thru from Anatek Microcircuits
    which has one Midi In and Three Midi Outs. There are likely other
    suppliers of similar midi splitter devices on the market.

    Using this type of unit is a simple way of driving multiple midi
    devices when there are not enough midi thru ports to complete a
    midi chain.


    If you have only one device with no midi thru you place it at the
    end of the chain. For example to construct a chain with a PC or Laptop
    being the Master, a keyboard, a sound unit and drum machine with no
    thru you would connect the chain as follows:

    Master out - Midi In (keyboard)
    - Midi thru (keyboard) - Midi In (Sound unit)
    - Midi thru (Sound unit) - Midi In (drum machine)

    if your sound unit also lacked a midi thru you woud need to add a midi
    splitter and the chain would be connected as follows:

    Master out - Midi In (splitter)
    - Midi Out 1 (splitter) - Midi In (keyboard)
    - Midi Out 2 (splitter) - Midi In (Sound unit)
    - Midi Out 3 (splitter) - Midi In (drum machine)

    Use of a midi splitter will also help resolve timing problems as use
    of the midi chains will introduce slight differences between when
    each device sees a incoming note or control since there is a slight
    delay between a midi device receiving something on Midi In and
    passing it on to Midi Thru.
    Robert Maguire, Oct 22, 2006
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  2. Robert Maguire

    notejam Guest

    By the time he buys a splitter and a thru box, he might of well of sold
    the thru box and buy a midi interface with more ports and channels than
    he has now.
    The cost would be about the same, and the midi interface with more
    channels and ports will make sure the signal for device1 goes to device
    1 and signal for device 2 goes to device 2.

    But if he has midi devices that can not turn off/on midi channels and
    there are a lot around like that, then both devices are going to get
    what he sends one device, which most likely is not desireable. And if
    he trys to play just one instrument in one device, the second is also
    going to play some instrument for that channel.

    The thru setup is only good if you can turn on/off midi channels in the
    midi devices, in other words can you set device 1 to recieve maybe on
    channels 1-8 and the other on 9-16?
    If the answear to that is no, then forget it, go sell your midi
    interface, and the thru box and buy a better interface will solve it
    neatly for you.
    notejam, Oct 22, 2006
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