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Discussion in 'DIY Discussion' started by Gab, Apr 13, 2023.

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    Apr 13, 2023
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    I have an AR Sugden Connoisseur BD1 turntable that I built from a kit in the 70's. It has been stored away for probably 30 years or so but I am now having to downsize and need to sell it on to a good home. It is in a homemade timber plinth and has been fitted with a Hadcock HD228 tonearm sometime in the late 70's or early 80's. I also have the original Sugden SAU2 tonearm, all the construction instructions and templates, alignment protractors and miscellaneous nuts, bolts, washers and allen keys. There is no plinth cover. There is an AKG P7E cartridge and an unidentified (can't remember!) cartridge in the kit but I cannot vouch for their condition.
    After 30 or so years the turntable still revolves but I haven't been able to test the cartridges. The little rubber bush / grommet that the counterweight for the Hadcock arm pushes into has perished over time so would need a replacement.

    I loved this turntable at the time and used it for years until my lifestyle dictated that a less fiddly and sensitive set-up was required.
    I have pictures available. Is this of any interest to members here?I'm based in the northwest of England.
    Any comments or feedback welcomed.
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    Gab, Apr 13, 2023
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    May 31, 2012
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    The BD1 was my first 'proper' turntable, which I had fitted with a Transcriptors Fluid arm (I couldn't afford the Transcriptors turntable). I then changed the arm for the SME. I later foolishly changed the turntable for the Linn LP12, and what a disappointment that was. No better than the BD1, although I accept looked the part better.

    I had a BD1 with Jelco arm in my collection until recently when I sold it as I needed to declutter somewhat. A really fine turntable. The SAU2 arm, however, is pretty poor, as the cartridge azimuth changes as the arm goes across the record. Not a huge problem with a conical stylus, but useless with an elliptical or line contact stylus.

    Your BD1 with Hadcock arm should be fine. The AKG cartridge was good, but getting a replacement stylus of decent quality is now near impossible, so perhaps a cartridge change for a modern one is justified.

    Sergeauckland, Apr 17, 2023
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