Date Change-Compression Seminar w/Fletcher/Greene/Correia

Discussion in 'Pro Audio' started by david, Oct 31, 2003.

  1. david

    david Guest

    The date has been bumped a week to Saturday Novermber 15th. Here's the

    We will be holding a very special one day Recording Seminar on Saturday
    November 15th from noon to 5pm. Celebration owner David Correia will
    host two very special guests: internationally known Fletcher of
    Mercenary Audio and his mentor, the multi-platinum New England engineer
    Phil Greene. (If y'all think Fletcher's a character, let me introduce
    you to Phil ;>)

    We¹ll be spending the day on a great subject - using compressors. We
    will talk about and then demonstrate how pros use compression. We¹ll
    spend the first half of the class doing a give and take with the
    participants. You¹ll get to ask all the questions you¹ve always wanted
    to about the subject. And after the break we will hit the control room
    and demo exactly what we¹ve been talking about.

    We will spend time showing some tricks with a very inexpensive
    compressor, the RNC, as well as letting you hear the old standby Urei
    compressors and other outboard units available on the market today, and
    even some digital audio plug-in compressors from within ProTools.

    Our last Studio Seminar had people attending from 5 states, from as far
    away as Ohio. There will be information about using compressors
    presented that come from decades of first hand experience using them.
    If you are interested call us to get a spot. You¹ll leave knowing a lot
    more than when you arrived. The added plus is spending the afternoon
    with Fletcher and Phil, which is almost worth the price of admission
    all by itself.

    The Seminar costs $100. To register we will need a $50 deposit, with
    the balance due the day of the Seminar. We accept personal checks,
    cash, Visa/MC/Amex/Discover and gold doubloons.

    If you¹d like to register or have any questions, give us a call at
    401-247-0218 or email .

    David Correia
    Celebration Sound
    Warren, Rhode Island
    david, Oct 31, 2003
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  2. I certainly hope this will be recorded and offered for sale for those who
    can't make it.
    Ricky W. Hunt, Oct 31, 2003
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  3. If we fly in, what is the closet airport? What about the next closest

    Michael Kovach, Oct 31, 2003
  4. david

    david Guest

    Unfortunately it won't be. The real nature of the class is interactive.

    It is an interesting idea, but my first responsibility is for those who
    attend, to be sure they are getting the goods. Also these seminars are
    a ton of fun for those attending.

    Getting to hang with Fletcher, Phil Greene and yes, me, is unique and
    powerful opportunity for anyone with questions about using compression.
    I've been an engineer since 1981 and I still learn stuff from Phil
    whenever we're together. Fletcher, well known here, is a peerless
    resource for his knowledge of all the new tools on the market who also
    knows the capabilities of all the old school compressors. Both of them
    of incredibly interesting company to be in.

    Of course I spend more time in "the chair" using compressors than both
    of them. (Perhaps I've won the booby prize? ;>)

    Airports are easy. There is Greene Airport in nearby Warwick, RI (no,
    it's not named after Phil Greene) which the airlines call Providence
    Airport which has flights from lotsa airlines, including Southwest. An
    hour north of us is Boston's Logan airport.

    There is public transportation from both these places directly to us if
    you don't want to rent a car, as we are on the bus line from downtown
    Providence, and both airports have shuttles to downtown Providence.

    Should anyone have any further questions feel free to email or call. I
    can just about guarantee both a fun and damn informative afternoon
    delving deeply into the world of compression with info and tips you
    will not find anywhere else. We still have about 5 spaces left.

    David Correia
    Celebration Sound
    Warren, Rhode Island
    david, Nov 1, 2003
  5. I can't certainly understand someone not wanting to go to the trouble of
    making something like this available when it can so easily be duplicated and
    distributed to others without them paying but there is a huge untapped
    market for this kind of stuff.
    Ricky W. Hunt, Nov 1, 2003
  6. david

    reap Guest

    Pertaining to the "give and take" portion of the seminar can I bring my
    guitar w/1073 pre or a host of others, (you know how subjective theses damn
    things sound combined w/different compressors and microphones) and my
    collection of compressors, including: a trakker,altec1612a, joe meek sc2,
    disstressor, jbl/ure7110i, dbx165,166, fmr,peavey vcl2 and cbs etc. to see
    how they stack up using various amp combos (marshall, mesa, fender etc.)?
    You know, to see and hear how the "pros" really use them and set them up?
    Would it be prudent to haul a rack of my stuff down there, or do you already
    have most of the aforementioned equipment? Will I learn something from this
    that is applicable to a more modest recording setup? I live not too far from
    Warren, I'm in Marlboro, Ma..


    reap, Nov 1, 2003
  7. david

    david Guest

    One of the interesting aspects of this seminar will be ace compression
    head Phil Greene waxing about and demoing cool uses of the lowly RNC, a
    compressor he thought was a one trick pony (1176 crush mode for drums)
    until he spent more and more time with it.

    We'll obviously spend time with the more expensive compressors as well.
    We'll show both sides of the coin. Even demo some Protools TDM
    compressors if there is some interest.

    The above sounds more about the mixing and matching of the many
    components for getting guitar sounds than specifically using
    compressors. (Personally, I've never found getting guitar sounds to be
    anywhere near as challenging as e.g. great drum sounds. Or even a great
    bass sound for that matter.)

    Of course you'd be welcome to ask what Phil or Fletcher or myself would
    use with your gear. It would be a little off topic but these recording
    seminars do have some wiggle room when it comes to recording questions.
    Things do tend to run into one another. But the day really is about
    compressors and compression, getting to ask all the questions you want
    on the subject, and seeing how three pros sculpt sound with them.

    David Correia
    Celebration Sound
    Warren, Rhode Island
    david, Nov 1, 2003
  8. david

    david Guest

    One of the reasons I put on these Recording Seminars here in New
    England is to give everyday folks the almost impossible opportunity to
    hang with folks like Fletcher and Phil Greene in a pro studio for an
    afternoon. It is a wonderful experience to part of all the interactions
    and shared information. Folks leave with smiles on their faces.

    And perhaps you don't understand "someone not wanting to go to the
    trouble of making something like this available" because your time is
    not as frickin' overloaded as mine is. (Gee, I have a family and kids,
    I think ...) If I could clone myself I would be happy see that it got
    done ;>

    David Correia
    Celebration Sound
    Warren, Rhode Island
    david, Nov 1, 2003
  9. I was wondering where the hostility from you and Fletcher was coming from
    about my statement and I see I accidentally put "can't" instead of "can"
    (which "can't certainly" makes no sense at all). I was saying I understood
    why you WOULDN'T do it.
    Ricky W. Hunt, Nov 2, 2003
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