DPA/ Deltec 50S Setup - save £3650!

Discussion in 'Classified Adverts' started by SimonConnell, May 25, 2004.

  1. SimonConnell


    Jul 15, 2003
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    Deltec 50S Preamp with outboard PSU £1200
    Deltec 50S Power amp £2000
    Deltec Balanced Black Slink interconnect £300
    Deltec 500S Speaker Cable £700
    Omige Audio mods to speaker cable £100+
    TOTAL £4300+
    Yours for only £650

    Rob Watts (designer of the Chord DAC64) zenith - some of the finest amps ever made. These would cost £10K+ to make today. Highest quality components including a Penny & Giles volume pot, and unique surface mount circuitry. Balanced connections from the pre to the power and two XLR's per side for the speaker cables - employ a totally unique loudspeaker sensing circuitry to provide the best possible sound. Sound absolutely amazing - only selling because I've found a set of the monoblocks :D
    Rated at about 75W per side, but more powerful that that because of the sensing circuitry.
    Come with all the necessary cabling, and the speaker cables have just been reconditioned with new WBT locking connectors etc by Tone at Omiga Audio, at a cost of over £100.
    Photos on request, all questions answered, however silly!
    SimonConnell, May 25, 2004
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  2. SimonConnell


    May 13, 2020
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    Does anyone have the speaker cables for this DPA 50s Amp which are either the Deltec 500s or 1000s speaker cables?

    I would like to buy a pair so I can start using my DPA Preamp & Amp.
    jrm78, May 13, 2020
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  3. SimonConnell


    Nov 27, 2020
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    50s speaker cables are custom made at time of purchase if only because the amp requires feedback from the speakers. 4s cable, IS19 or black Slink was used. Black 16 if you could afford it but only if your amp could withstand the extra capacitance.
    I will be making some soon as I am rebuilding two DPA50s Power Amps.
    DPA_SERVICE, Nov 27, 2020
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