Dumbest Question of the Week (not much about audio)

Discussion in 'Pro Audio' started by Mike Rivers, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. Mike Rivers

    Mike Rivers Guest

    This one is so dumb I didn't even want to put it in the subject

    My workaday computer's disk drive was getting funky (slow, errors now
    and then) so I decided that since today it snowed for the first time
    this season, it would be a good day to fuss with the computer. I've
    never done anything to the insides of a computer that didn't take me
    all day to get back to at least where I started, and this day was no

    I used Maxtor's "clone my disk" utility to copy my old disk to the new
    disk, and as I suspected, a few things didn't come through. There were
    some Windows system files missing. I ran SFC, and after that it
    stopped complaining. Everything seems to be OK except that some
    graphics in Firefox are screwy. But that isn't what I came here to
    talk to you about today.

    I figured that since I was going to open up the computer, it was high
    time I had a DVD writer here, so I picked one up and, after the hard
    drive settled down, installed it, replacing the read-only CD drive
    that was in there (I'm not that far behind - the other drive is a CD
    writer). The DVD writer came with a scaled down Nero 7 disk, but I
    balked at installing it. I have Nero 5 now, I like it (of course it
    doesn't recognize the new drive at all), and this new version says I
    have to uninstall my old version of Nero - I can't have both.

    So here's the dumb question. First the part that makes it harder to
    answer. This computer is running Windows 2000, not XP, not Linux, not
    Leopold or whatever the new Mac OS is called.

    and now . . . . . .

    How do I write files to a DVD? Is there a simple, non-bloated utility
    that will do it? I did the requisite Google search and didn't turn up
    any attractive prospects, just the usual suspects.
    Mike Rivers, Dec 6, 2007
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  2. Mike Rivers

    jwvm Guest

    The latest version of Nero should know how to burn CDs on your old
    burner but you might try this software first:


    The price is right and nonags gave it 6/6 duckies. What more could you
    want!! :)
    jwvm, Dec 6, 2007
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  3. Mike Rivers

    jakdedert Guest

    I think it's a good thing you didn't install the Nero 7. It probably is
    a stripped down version, with limited capability. At least that's what
    I got with my burner...very limited capability. Every time I wanted to
    do something, I'd get a message saying I could only do it with the full
    retail release.

    OTOH, what's wrong with Nero 5? Does it not cover DVD?

    Anyhow, I downloaded something called 'Cute DVD Burner' which works

    jakdedert, Dec 6, 2007
  4. "Mike Rivers" wrote ...
    I've been using www.cheetahburner.com for many years. It does
    all the different kinds of tasks I want for burning (and ripping)
    CD and DVD discs. You can try it for free (full-featured for 30
    days) and the price seems right to me at $25.

    But the CDBurnerXP that "jwvm" suggested might be even
    better (certainly the price is!)

    However, for writing DVDR discs, I use (free) DVDdecrypter
    (the same one whose developer was bullied by Macrovision
    into halting updates and shutting down his website, etc.)
    Richard Crowley, Dec 6, 2007
  5. Mike Rivers

    Mike Rivers Guest

    Nope. I went through this about a year and a half ago when I was
    looking for a new laptop computer. I had purchased one (Sony) that had
    a DVD burner, but didn't come with any software for DVD burning - lots
    for playing, however. I tried my Nero with it and it didn't even know
    about the drive. Got the latest (and last) drive list for it and it
    still didn't recognize the drive. So I downloaded the trial version of
    Nero (might have been 6 at the time) and it worked, but it was so
    messy and complicated I didn't want to use it. I ended up returning
    the computer, and ultimately bought one with a DVD player but not
    writer, so I've been avoiding the issue since then.

    I haven't even got this one to play a DVD yet though. It'll display
    files OK, but I have Windows Media Player 9 and Divx on this computer
    and neither one seems to recognize that there's a DVD with video in
    the drive. In fact, my Media Player doesn't even have DVD under the
    Play menu. It's like it doesn't have the right driver. But as far as I
    can tell from the Samsung web site, the only driver is the Microsoft
    one, and that's what it's using.
    I'll check it out, and see what Arny has to say when I get further
    down in the messages. He usually knows about these things.
    Mike Rivers, Dec 6, 2007
  6. Mike Rivers

    Mike Rivers Guest

    Confidence that it won't fill my computer with crap that doesn't go
    away if I un-install it. If it has all the features I don't need, it's
    bloated. I may break down and load it if nothing else tickles my
    fancy. At least I can see if the drive works. I have far more disk
    space that I need on this computer, having replaced a half empty 30 GB
    drive with a 160 GB one, but I don't want something that I have to
    search through in order to turn off "automatic" features that take up
    memory and slow other things down.
    Mike Rivers, Dec 6, 2007
  7. I've had good luck with InfraRecorder (free and works with Win2000):



    Brent Lievers, Dec 6, 2007
  8. Mike Rivers

    Beauchampy Guest

    Sorry if this has already been mentioned but I remember back in the day
    of Nero 5 the versions that shipped with CD writers would only work with
    those make of cd writer. I.e. if you have a version of Nero 5 that came
    with a Creative Labs CD writer, it wont recognise a Panasonic DVDRW in
    the drop down menu at the top for example.

    I think they might have done the same with Nero 6, not sure about 7.

    Anyway, your best bet if you don't want to mess around with any freeware
    is just to install the provided version of Nero 7, if you're just
    burning data and audio you won't need anything more.

    Also, do yourself a favour and replace that maxtor disk. Sounds like
    it's on the way out and maxtor make notoriously terrible drives anyway.
    Also install XP god-damn it, or linux, or just anything else! :)
    Beauchampy, Dec 6, 2007
  9. Mike Rivers

    Mike Rivers Guest

    Normally it didn't matter because you got it with that model CD
    writer. The copy I have is actually a retail copy (a Micro Center
    special for $15) and it worked with the drive that I had at the time.
    The reason I switched to Nero from the Easy CD Creator program that
    came with the drive is that I wanted to put track IDs in a long,
    continuous program and Nero had a straightforward way to do that. I
    use that capability all the time. I now have CD Architect and WaveLab
    which also do it, but I REMEMBER how to do it in Nero and have to keep
    looking it up with the other programs.

    I'd be happy to try Nero 7 if it would let me keep my Nero 5
    installed, but it won't. I don't want to load it up and find that it
    doesn't have the track split capability. I know, I could un-install it
    (I hope) and re-install the old version, but that's a pain. But I know
    it's easier for you to say "use something else" than answer what I
    The disk I replaced was a Maxtor (about 5 years old, computer on all
    the time). The replacement is a Western Digital. But you know that no
    matter what brand of hardware someone mentions around here, from
    Behringer to Mercedes-Benz, someone will tell you that he heard that
    that brand was a problem.
    Windows 2000 doesn't phone home. And I don't want to turn my world
    upside down and go with Linux and all of its "always in development"

    No thanks for the help this time. Maybe next time I'll have a question
    you can really answer.
    Mike Rivers, Dec 6, 2007
  10. Mike Rivers

    Mike Rivers Guest

    I'm sure it will, but it may not have the track splitting capability
    of my old version, and I use that extensively. I could do the same
    thing in WaveLab or CD Architect (neither of which I had when I got
    Nero 5) but I never remember how to do it in those "advanced"
    programs. Simple is better for me when I don't need fancy.
    I did, and it works just fine. I think it's a keeper. It works very
    much like the Nero I have for basic CD/DVD drag-and-drop burning.
    Thanks for the tip.

    I haven't been able to PLAY a DVD on the computer yet. I'm beginning
    to wonder if the hardware is just too old. Did they have DVDs in 2000?
    I have Media Player 9 installed, which is the last version that ran
    under Win2000. While the Help file makes reference to playing DVDs,
    DVD doesn't appear under the Play menu, only CD Audio. Real Player 10
    gets a little closer, letting me select the DVD to play, but then
    telling me that I can't play it and makes some hardware-like
    suggestions like shut down background programs, reduce screen
    resolution, reduce the number of colors.

    I know that there was a period where having video codecs in hardware
    on the card was a hot feature. Maybe they all do now, and that's what
    the programs are expecting (and mine doesn't have it). I did update to
    the last driver (it's an Intel 810 chipset) but that didn't appear to
    make any difference in anything I've tried. Playing a DVD is no big
    deal. I have a DVD player and a TV set for that, and it will read data
    off a DVD so I can install stuff that comes on DVD.

    I guess I should stop messing with it. It only cost $28.
    Mike Rivers, Dec 6, 2007
  11. Mike Rivers

    Mike Rivers Guest

    That's what I figured. I was trying to play a few product demo DVDs,
    and Ethan Winer's TeleVision DVD. I don't have any commercial movie
    DVDs. I have all sorts of codecs loaded here, but still every once in
    a while someone sends me to a link of a video that won't play. But
    with this new setup (playing real disks) I can see folders on the
    disk, and files in them. The two top level folders are:

    The VIDEO_TS folder has
    ... etc
    Mike Rivers, Dec 6, 2007
  12. "Mike Rivers" wrote ...
    For a long time (and still to this day?) the drivers/codecs required to
    play DVD were a separate item (extra $$) because of licensing $$.
    Nobody, not even Microsoft, can distribute them for free.

    I've just side-stepped the whole DVD issue with both my office and
    personal notebook PCs (both of which have broken DVD write
    functionality.) I just use an external USB2 drive enclosure ($25)
    with a nice Lite-On DVD-RW drive in it ($30). Works like a champ
    and faster than the internal drives(!)
    Richard Crowley, Dec 6, 2007
  13. "Mike Rivers" wrote ...
    Yeah, that looks like a conventional DVD video disc.
    DVD playback requires extra 3rd party codecs....
    Richard Crowley, Dec 6, 2007
  14. Mike Rivers

    jwvm Guest

    jwvm, Dec 6, 2007
  15. Mike Rivers

    Mike Rivers Guest

    VLC gets a little more action than the other players. It seems to
    respond to menu selections and the time indicator moves across the
    screen but the video screen is blank. No audio either.

    It probably needs codecs that I don't have.
    Mike Rivers, Dec 7, 2007
  16. Mike Rivers

    Mike Rivers Guest

    It's an OEM drive. Maybe there's something on the Nero disk but I've
    already decided that I don't want to fool with that one.
    Mike Rivers, Dec 7, 2007
  17. Mike Rivers

    Mike Rivers Guest

    On Dec 6, 5:26 pm, "Steve King"

    I have Nero 6 and it still has the ability
    You never can tell what they left out in the "Essentials" version
    until you try it, or ask someone else who needs the same function and
    discovered that it's not there.
    So far, Version 5 has all I need. Until I got the DVD drive, that is.
    However, I think I'm set now for writing a data DVD, and that's all
    I'm after, so far. Playing DVDs is not essential, it's just something
    that I thought it should do, so I tried it, and it didn't.
    Mike Rivers, Dec 7, 2007
  18. Mike Rivers

    Mike Rivers Guest

    Looks like a good possibility. There's more to this than meets the
    eye, though. I see it says to uninstall any codecs you may have
    installed before installing this package. I know I've installed some
    codecs in the past (to get downloaded video files to play) so I guess
    my first job is to try to find those and uninstall them. I think they
    were installed with a "wizard" so there should be an uninstall for
    them but I don't feel like looking for it tonight.

    The author puts it right on the line: "Codecs have always been a big
    problem for the computer users. That's because there has never been a
    100% viable working solution available for the average computer
    user." Nothing is ever simple if you have some idea of what your'e
    doing. I suspect that the reason why I can play DVDs in my laptop is
    because that came with a DVD drive installed, and there's a DVD player
    (in addition to Windows Media Player).

    Anyway, thanks for the lead. I'll put some time into it tomorrow.
    Mike Rivers, Dec 7, 2007
  19. I'd have to side with Mike that installing Nero just to get
    the DVD codec seems like gross overkill and an open
    invitation to additional minor horrors. The Microsoft
    page I referenced lists some rather straightforward 3rd
    party solutions.
    Richard Crowley, Dec 7, 2007
  20. Mike Rivers

    Mike Rivers Guest

    I think it's time to give up this project. I installed that codec
    package that you pointed to last night and it didn't make any of the
    players I already had work. At least it didn't seem to do any damage.

    I found a DVD player (Intervideo) CD that came with my old Dell laptop
    and installed that, and it wouldn't work either. It told me to lower
    my screen resolution (it's now 1280x1024) or reduce the number of
    colors (presently 16-bit) and try again. I didn't want to change the
    resolution because that throws my desktop icons all out of kilter, but
    I tried lowering it to 8-bit color and it still wouldn't work.

    Maybe it just needs more horsepower. After all, it's a measly Pentium
    3 800MHz with 256 MB RAM. No point in beating this weak horse any
    Mike Rivers, Dec 7, 2007
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