Excessive Volume?

Discussion in 'Audio Equipment' started by helpless, May 29, 2014.

  1. helpless

    helpless Guest

    I have assembled a simple audio system from antiquated parts given to

    1) Mitsubishi DA-R8 Receiver
    2) Samsung Blueray BD-P1500 DVD Player
    3) Two rather large Magnavox MX8080 AK01 Speaker enclosures

    Being a novice, I need to ask what may be a stupid question. When I
    turned the receiver on, and selected either DVD or FM broadcast,
    speaker volumes were extremely loud, almost unbearable, even with the
    receiver volume control set to minimum. When I increased said volume,
    I thought my roof was a gonner! Same with my wife.

    I wonder - maybe these speakers cannot be matched to this receiver? Or
    maybe I have them connectled wrongly? I can't find any documentations
    for the receiver or speakers (they are old) - I wanted to try to
    determine the impedances of each, and/or some connection

    Anyone have any guidance? I will appreciate it.

    Thank you
    helpless, May 29, 2014
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  2. helpless

    David Martel Guest


    Not familiar with this receiver but pictures show both an
    attenuator/balance knob and a loudness knob. Strangely the loudness knob
    looks like it's hooked up backwards, full clockwise is 0 loudness and full
    anti clockwise is 10. So let's do some experimentation. Do you have some
    headphones? Let's turn off the speakers and plug in the phones. Do not wear
    the phones put them on the table with the receiver. Let's turn the
    attenuator clockwise half way. Ditto the balance. Ditto the loudness.
    Ok, let's set the program selector to DVD and play a DVD. Now turn on the
    receiver. What happens? Do you hear music? If you move the balance knob does
    the music shift from side to side of the phones? Ok let's run the loudness
    knob up and down. Is it backwards?What happens when you move the attenuator

    Dave M.
    David Martel, May 29, 2014
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  3. helpless

    helpless Guest

    Hi Dave.

    I returned to the garage and turned things on. First thing I noticed
    is that I agree with you as to the graduations on the loudness and
    attenuator knobs, which indeed seems odd. Anyway, I reconnected the
    speakers, and now for some reason all seems fine albeit backwards. I
    get full volume at Loudness at 0, and almost none counterclockwise to
    10. With Loudness at a setting, the Attenuator increases volume as I
    turn clockwise.

    That solves that problem. Now I discover that when I tried a pair of
    earphones as you suggested, the male earphone plug is too small for
    the female port on the receiver. I have a few earphones, and all are
    the same. Do you think the receiver requires a special earphone male
    plug? Or maybe the receiver port is faulty (broke)? I haven't open
    up the case to look at the innards.


    helpless, May 29, 2014
  4. helpless

    Brian Gaff Guest

    The loudness is surely just a compensated volume so that as the sound
    reduces, the bass and top are increased. I have one like this on my denon.
    Some are reverse, but that should not be a worry I'd suggest. another thing
    of course is to look at the specs for input and output levels. Older
    equipment was not very standared. I have a rogers Valve unit here where tthe
    tuner input is quite sensitive, so needs a plug in attenuator for modern
    units. It used to be used with an armstrong tuner which had an attenuator
    pot on its rear panel to cope with such situations.
    And don't even mention DIN based gear!
    Brian Gaff, May 29, 2014
  5. helpless

    helpless Guest

    Thanks for response.

    I too have a Denon in my rec-room, but I never noticed any 'reverse'
    knobs like on this one. It is working now as I said. Now if I could
    only figure out what I need for connecting to the phono port.

    helpless, May 30, 2014
  6. helpless

    David Martel Guest


    Ok, volume control working!!!. Try out the speakers. You should get 35-40
    watts out of the amp. It should fill a room nicely.
    Headphones? Back in th old days headphone jacks were almost universally
    1/4" standard stereo phone jacks. So, the plug had to be 1/4" in diameter.
    Nowadays many earbuds use 1/8" jacks and plugs. Check the diameter of your
    plugs. Radio shack sells adapters but they aren't very good. You can find
    headphones cheap on CraigsList.
    The headphone output is the 1/4" jack on the front of your receiver. The
    Phono jacks on the back of the receiver are for the phonograph (the
    turntable). All of your input jacks are called RCA Phono jacks but the input
    jacks labelled Phono are special and should only be used with a turntable.
    The other input jacks Aux, Tape1, and Tape2 are called line level inputs and
    are fairly standard. You can plug the analog output of DVDs, TVs et c. into

    Dave M.
    David Martel, May 30, 2014
  7. helpless

    helpless Guest

    OK Dave -

    1'll measure the front jack. This receiver is a good 20 years old I
    think from what I read. Then I will see what I can get on EBay.

    The speaker volume seems just great! Clear - no raspiness.


    helpless, May 30, 2014
  8. helpless

    helpless Guest

    What do yoy think of this EBay choice Dave?


    helpless, May 30, 2014
  9. helpless

    David Martel Guest


    That's the correct type of adaptor. Can't comment on the quality. Cheap
    and free shipping, so hard to go wrong. Will you really use the headphones
    though? I never use headphones for pleasure listening. On the other hand I
    do have a collection of adaptors.
    How's the tuner? Got AM? Got FM?
    Might not hurt to give all of the switches and rheostats a careful listen
    for dirt. Contact cleaner is cheap.

    Dave M.
    David Martel, May 30, 2014
  10. helpless

    helpless Guest

    Good advice Dave. Yeh, the low price plus free shipping seems the way
    to go.

    I plan to either give this entire combo to one of my kids, or will
    sell it. In either case, I thought I should include an earphone
    capability. I have extra earphones.

    I should check all the rheostats. I did check the ones associated
    with the speakers/volumes. Sound quite good actually. No rasp. The
    speakers seem special. I compared them to two small ones I have, and
    found a major difference. For old components, this package seems as
    good as my newer one in the rec room. Except for surround, anyway.

    AM and FM both seem good.

    Thanx again

    helpless, May 30, 2014
  11. helpless

    David Martel Guest

    Spoke with a couple of stereo crazies today. They agree with Mr. Gaff.
    The attenuator is the volume control. Loudness is a compensation circuit.
    When the volume is low, you need lots of loudness. With high volume you need
    much less. That's why the loudness knob seems to be backwards. If you set
    both knobs at 9 o'clock you get low volume and lots of loudness
    compensation. 12 o'clock and you get more volume and less compensation. It
    makes sense that the loudness knob seems backwards.
    In most stereos loudness compensation is a button that you push. The knob is
    a bit swankier since youy can adjust it to suit your tastes Wikipedia has a
    good explanation of loudness compensation. Don't tell the kids that with the
    attenuator at 10 and the loudness at 0 you can shake the whole house.

    Dave M.
    David Martel, May 31, 2014
  12. helpless

    helpless Guest

    I won't tell the kds for sure.

    Thanks again for the info

    helpless, May 31, 2014
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