Feed forward way to go for amp, not negative feedback for solid state

Discussion in 'High End Audio' started by manz, May 24, 2006.

  1. manz

    manz Guest

    Disclaimer: First of all I have problem listening through solid state
    amps for long period, only tubes I can sit down for extended listening

    I have listened many solid state amps using planar speakers or Proacs.
    Like Sumo 9+, Lazarus, Electron Kinetic eagle 2C, BEL 1001, Krell,
    Yamaha, Classe DR-9, Adcom 555 and II, B&K 202, NAD 2100, Jordan
    mosfets, Threshold, Nelson Pass, etc.

    My point is if they use negative feed back the sound will have grainy
    or sandy character or veiled sounding if it is mosfet based.

    Now, I started listening to vintage anps like Sansui AU-719 (fully
    updated) which is smooth and warm sounding, but in low level volume it
    is veiled or not that transparent. Then I got hold of Sansui AU-D9 feed
    forward design which was dusty inside, volume knob scrachy; but the
    sound of the amp in low or high volume is so neutral and has so much
    inner detail it is like straight wire with gain. Funny part for all
    this neutrality, it is still buttery smooth in high frequency.

    I have a old CD of Jethro Tull, which was unlistenable with other amps,
    because it was grainy and no sound stage. But AU-D9 made that CD
    listening without hearing fatigue. It looks like AU-D9 can play music
    with less distortion than other solid state based amps.

    When you use Chesky, Referance or Naim recording CDs then the sound is
    HI-END with AU-D9. Other amps may have more details or bass or warmer
    sounding, but it will not be as balanced sounding like Sansui AU-D9 or

    Thats all folks my 2 cents.

    manz, May 24, 2006
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