For sale: Complete Sugden A21 series electronics - integrated amp, power amp and CDP

For Sale: Discussion in 'Classified Adverts' started by gkold67, Jun 7, 2010.

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    Jun 7, 2010
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    For sale: Complete matching Sugden A21 series electronics including integrated amp, power amp and CD player.

    I am offering for sale my complete set of Sugden A21a electronics comprising:
    A21aL Integrated Amplifier
    A21aP Power Amplifier (enabling bi-amping)
    CD21 Compact Disc Player

    All units are finished in smart, and timeless, gloss black with gold lettering.
    All three items were purchased unused and are in immaculate mint condition. All items are supplied with original boxes, packaging, receipts and bonus sales literature.

    For anyone not familiar with these products, the A21aL integrated amplifier is a pure class A amplifier that has attained legendary status worldwide since the introduction of the original A21 (the first commercial, solid state Pure Class A amplifier). The matching A21aP power amplifier is sonically identical to the integrated amplifier.

    The A21aL and A21aP offer a fast transparent sound that is free from grain and many other typical solid state nasties. In a recent comparison my A21aL comfortably matched (and to my ears outperformed) a 2.5K Naim Supernait when driving some Rega speakers. I have also auditioned my A21a against the current A21a series two and there is very little sonic difference whatsoever.

    The CD21 is a perfect sonic and visual match to the amplifiers. I auditioned many more expensive CDPs with this amp before realising that the CD21 was the ideal match (indeed I prefer the CD21 to the original Masterclass CDP when paired with this amp). It is a pleasure to use having a high quality Philips dedicated CD mechanism that is fast and smooth.

    I bought these units in 2001 and have looked after them ever since. They have always been used on separate well ventilated shelves and have never been stacked (other than for these pictures!). They are only transported in their original packaging. I am selling due to an upgrade to a vastly more expensive tube amp.

    The A21aL integrated amplifier has just been serviced by Sugdens (at a cost of £160), and sounds better than ever. The A21aP power amplifier has had little use in the past five years (my recent speakers were not able to be bi-amped). It is in perfect as- new condition.

    To avoid disappointment, I would like to mention that the CD player appears to have a slight glimmer to the display (i.e. the display cycles slightly brighter then slightly dimmer). When new, I returned the player to the factory and Sugdens found no fault whatsoever (I have a service invoice to this effect). All I can say is that the display always done it since new and is nothing more than a barely noticeable quirk.

    This represents a rare opportunity to purchase a matched triple set of these classic hi-fi components, as owned by one fastidious enthusiast. The price of £1250 for all three components is comparable to a single amplifier from the current A21a range. I will consider splitting some of the units, but I would prefer an enthusiast to purchase the entire set.

    Price £1250

    Please contact me for further details and many more pictures on [email protected] or 07857 353606.

    Specifications A21aL amplifier (and A21aP where applicable)
    Inputs Four line level, one optional MM/MC phono (not fitted)
    Outputs One pre-out (variable), one fixed out, one pair of stereo multi-way binding posts
    Balance level
    Tape monitor switch
    Mono switch
    Line input sensitivity 150mV for max. output
    Power Output 25 Watts per channel into 8ohms
    Frequency response +- 0.5dB 20Hz -20kHz
    Signal to noise >90dB
    Weight 9kg
    Dimensions 85mm x 430mm x 360mm (hwd)
    Specifications CD21 compact disc player
    Outputs One stereo analogue, one digital coaxial
    Front Panel Controls Standby, load, play, next, previous, stop.
    Remote Control Direct track access, repeat, store, random, play, pause, stop, load, previous, next, search, time, A-B
    Display Track, repeat, store, random, play, pause, search, track time, time remaining, time passed, CD length
    Output 1.95 Volts r.m.s.
    Frequency Response 20Hz ñ 18kHz - 0.25dB points
    Signal to Noise >80dB
    Weight 5kg
    Dimensions 85mm x 430mm x 310mm (hwd)

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    gkold67, Jun 7, 2010
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  2. gkold67


    Jun 7, 2010
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    A21aP Power amp and integrated amp A21aL now sold :)

    If anyone is interested in the CD21 CDP, please contact me.
    gkold67, Jun 11, 2010
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  3. gkold67


    Jun 7, 2010
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    Items sold - am keeping the CD21 - will put my money into vinyl instead!
    gkold67, Jul 17, 2010
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