FS: ATI DP-100 and MM-100

Discussion in 'Audio Equipment' started by Lord Valve, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Lord Valve

    Lord Valve Guest

    ATI DP100 -
    High quality xfmr-balanced output/isolated ground
    interface box. Truly pristine audio path, US-made,
    built like a tank. Sells at Beards and Hats for $358 95

    Specs here:
    http://www.atiaudio.com/files/pdf/MM100, DP100 Inst Bk.pdf

    I have 26 pieces in excellent condition, pulled from a
    large hotel install which upgraded to wireless. This is
    a great box for getting computer audio into a console.
    $79 each, delivered to any US address.

    ATI MM100 -
    Send/receive version of above, sells at Beards and Hats
    for $469.95. Condition as above, 6 pieces available.
    $99 delivered to any US address. Specs at above URL.

    Questions/orders: 303-778-1156 or use this e-mail:

    TUBES at PRODIGY dot NET (e-mail on this post
    is bogus)

    Lord Valve

    NBS Electronics
    230 South Broadway
    Denver, CO 80209-1510

    I accept Cash-Trades-Visa-MasterCard-PayPal-etc.
    Lord Valve, Sep 10, 2012
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