"He was playing real good for free." (part. text by Joni Mitchell)

Discussion in 'Classical Music' started by hatehifi, Dec 15, 2004.

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    Last Sunday, mother (age 84 - visiting) and two friends spontainiously joined me for some "live" music. We'd been on a stroll before lunch in Wienhausen - a charming old ('have a 600 yr. old oak...) villiage - where I spotted a small announcement: "Christmas Music, 3rd Advent, St. Marien Church, 5:30pm, free." The church, more like a chapel, 14th century, seated maybe 200 max. There were no mics or any p.a. set up. The 'stage' was a large alter and the 5 (!) soloists - 2 sopranos, an alt, tenor and bass - stood on the one step leading up to it. There was a harpist, 5 violins, 2 violas, a vioncello and a contrabass along with the historic church organ played by a gentleman aged 87, accompaning the church choir totaling about 24 (aged 12 up to 60). The conductor must have been about 70. The detail on their ages is to underscore the "make-shift" but champion group of local citizens who put on this "free" performance.

    The pastor asked that any applause be kept untill the service was over. Excerpts from the repitoire: Bach- BWV 659, Bd.7; Franck - Psalm 150; Haendel - Concert for Harp and Violin B-Dur, opus 4, Nr.6; Saint-Saens - Oratorio de Noel. It was miraculous. Never have I heard such perfection. My mother grew up in Philadelphia and heard A. Toscanini dozens of times, Johannes is a professor and travels the world always ready for a concert and me, well I have enjoyed many concerts myself. We were (everybody there) speechless. For me and my friends the evening was dubbed "the Miracle of Wienhausen." God was very pleased indeed. And to think, the "performers" were aware that it worked without a hitch - but then again, they could only hear part of it. Each voice, each note was true. And it was free.

    I wanted to mention this instance "as a new member" only to see that some mention of this famous performace be made and to emphasize just how much "fun" music can be. There were no recording devices - one shot - straight to the heart.

    P.S.: I hope you all don't find me a bore...
    P.P.S.: I wanted to mention something about 'live' music and 'hifi replay...'; maybe another time...
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    hatehifi, Dec 15, 2004
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