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  1. Innergeek8


    Nov 30, 2019
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    Clearwater, Florida USA
    I've just joined this forum and am enthusiastic about participating! I've been an aspiring Audiophile since the 2010 and an audio-addict since the 80's. :) Does anyone know how do I go about earning privileges to post on Classifieds?

    Peachtree Nova 125 Integrated Amp
    Signal Audio silver cables
    KEF R300

    Portable System:
    Focal Elear
    InEar SD-3 Universal IEM
    Sony NW-ZX2
    A&K AK120 II
    ALO Rx MK3-B portable amp
    Norme Draug headphone cables
    Moon Audio Silver Dragon V1 IEM cables

    Past owned:
    Audeze LCD-2
    Audeze LCD-XC
    Audeze SINE
    Mr. Speakers Ether C
    AK 100
    AK 120
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    Innergeek8, Dec 1, 2019
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