I don't know if this adapter is the issue.

Discussion in 'Hi-Fi and General Audio' started by johnnyvota, May 7, 2024.

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    I have a Samson DE-10x headset mic that I plan on using while I play drums. I do not have a battery pack for it, but it came with 4 different wires to connect to a battery pack. One of these wires has a female “Mini XLR” end. I was hoping to simply plug this microphone straight into a board with a pre-amp when I use it, and I decided to buy a male Mini XLR to male XLR adapter to make this work. Right now, I have the mic plugged into my interface with phantom turned on (I believe it is a condenser), and I am getting nothing. I am worried that this microphone will not work without a battery pack. Is the adapter a dud? Would this even theoretically work with an adapter? Do I try finding an XLR adapter for one of the other wires it came with? What can I do!

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    johnnyvota, May 7, 2024
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    This microphone is designed to plug into a wireless mic transmitter, not directly into the desk, as the wireless system will provide the power (Operating voltage 1.5–12V DC) according to the Samson user manual available on-line. Each of the four cables you have is suitable for one of the common wireless systems.

    To plug the microphone directly into the desk, you'll have to create your own cable, so you pick up the audio signal from the microphone, then find a way of getting power to the microphone. Phantom power is normally 48 volts, and is supplied balanced on the two XLR signal leads. Your microphone is almost certainly unbalanced, and can take a maximum of 12V, so 48 volts would not be a good idea.. This will be very difficult to do properly.

    You either need the battery pack for the microphone you have, which hopefully will also give you an audio signal output, or get a headset microphone which takes phantom power, not one designed for a wireless system.

    In simple terms, you have the wrong sort of microphone for your application.

    Sergeauckland, May 13, 2024
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