KEXP Audio Stream (was: Which audio program best to do the following)

Discussion in 'Pro Audio' started by Mike Rivers, May 3, 2005.

  1. Mike Rivers

    Mike Rivers Guest

    My word! How did we get so far off topic?

    Once we got over the 16-bit accumulators, sample rate conversion isn't
    all that big of a deal, particularly in relatively non-critical
    applications. Most of the time that I listen, I'm in my home office
    listening on Radio Shack Minimus 7 speakers and I don't expect high
    fidelity. When I send the audio to my living room speakers, I find it
    to be a bit on the bass-heavy side, but not objectionable. Mostly I'm
    thankful that I no longer have to listen to the "underwater" sound of
    the low speed stream that I used to hear when I had only a dial-up

    Why not volunteer to go across town and clean up the on-line audio
    stream at your neighbor KBCS? They must be feeding their audio server
    right out of the on-air console without any leveling and nobody
    bothers to look at the meters. The level from song to song goes all
    over the place, and I often hear clipping (usually on the left
    channel). I don't recall that it's that sloppy over the air, but my
    over-the-air listening is pretty rare (I don't live there) and mostly
    on the radio in the car.

    I'm really Mike Rivers ()
    However, until the spam goes away or Hell freezes over,
    lots of IP addresses are blocked from this system. If
    you e-mail me and it bounces, use your secret decoder ring
    and reach me here: double-m-eleven-double-zero at yahoo
    Mike Rivers, May 3, 2005
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