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Discussion in 'Pro Audio' started by nikool29, Oct 22, 2005.

  1. nikool29

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    Check out http://ChezBrandon.com As are you, Brandon is highly
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    A Succinct Warning: Elements of Mossad, sated with cash from the
    murderous and destructive narcotics trade - for example, according to
    READER'S DIGEST, cocaine alone costs US businesses $50+ billion per
    year (!) - are using some medical, pharmacy, and food service workers
    to murder men, women, and children. (A certain tasteless acid, for
    instance, causes cancer.) Victor Ostrovsky's books BY WAY OF
    MOSSAD'S SECRET AGENDA offers elucidation -- such as Mossad's attempted
    murder of President George Bush, its complicity in the murders of
    hundreds of US Marines, and its narcotic-dealing ways -- as does James
    Ennes, Jr.'s ASSAULT ON THE LIBERTY, which details the attack on the
    USS Liberty, an attack which resulted in the deaths of 34 US Citizens
    and Navy Personnel.
    While many believe so, I do not know if elements of Mossad were
    responsible for, or partly complicit in, the terrorist attacks of 9/11,
    attacks which resulted in the deaths of thousands of men, women, and
    children, stole billions upon billions of dollars of hard-earned money
    from pensioners and business people, destroyed companies, resulted in
    many individuals going to bed hungry at night, and ended up costing,
    world-wide, hundreds of billions, if not trillions, of dollars, but the
    information found at www.reopen911.org , which was aired on such
    programs as Fox News, raises pointed questions.
    -- Nick
    nikool29, Oct 22, 2005
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  2. nikool29

    yarock Guest

    Skinhead psychotic drivel.Please position your tin foil cap correctly
    on top of your pointed head...you're not receiving all of the
    yarock, Oct 22, 2005
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