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Discussion in 'Audio Equipment' started by Brian Gaff, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. Brian Gaff

    Brian Gaff Guest

    I'm looking for a reel to reel quarter track stereo machine at a reasonable
    cost that works.
    IE Sony, Akai, Tandberg, etc.
    I have a lot of tapes and need to sort through them, but my existing
    Tandberg 3341 is in dire need of tlc, and I cannot give it to it as I'm

    Brian Gaff, Dec 29, 2013
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  2. Brian Gaff

    Brian Gaff Guest

    Hi, well in the UK and SW London near Kingston Upon Thames.
    I don't recall that one \i have to say, though some of their reel decks
    were quite good if a little on the clunky side with all those push rods

    Brian Gaff, Dec 30, 2013
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  3. Brian Gaff

    Brian Gaff Guest

    ah Norfolk is a bit outside my area. I have no transport either.
    I have put a few feelers out, but one gets the..
    It was OK last time I used it.

    When was that, Oh about ten years ago....
    Brian Gaff, Dec 31, 2013
  4. Brian Gaff

    Brian Gaff Guest

    Yes, and I notice with the Tandberg design the rubber internal idler is
    always running on the flywheel etc, as its a michanical speed changer
    system. I suspect it gets flats too.
    Brian Gaff, Jan 1, 2014
  5. Brian Gaff

    Brian Gaff Guest

    Actually one thing I found with an old Neal Cassette deck I had which was
    stored quite well was that the pressure roller went into a pile of brown
    goo on the top plate just below the roller. it just melted on its own with
    no other substance around.

    Kind of makes you wonder if they really test these materials befor they use
    Brian Gaff, Jan 1, 2014
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