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Discussion in 'Audio Equipment' started by Steve S, May 21, 2014.

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    May 21, 2014
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    Ive had an Onkyo TX ds787 and 2 infinity IL 50 speakers for 14 years. They were loud and they held up great, and I was surprised they lasted as long as they had with the volume I listen at Best setup I've ever had. My speakers finally started giving out, and after several repairs with continued tweeters/subs going out I decided it was time to get a new setup-

    Went to best buy, got a floor model Denon avr e300

    2 klipsch kf 28's

    2 Klipsch bookshelf KB15

    350 watt klipsch sub

    Set up was easy but could not get the volume I wanted out of the Denon- but the sound was clean! The denon kept shutting down and finally could not turn back on. Good news is I returned it and now have a 330$ gift card.

    I started looking at amps/receivers specs online and realized that my old Onkyo actually has more power consumption and more watts @ 8 ohms then the new Denon (100w vs 75w) I hooked my old Onkyo back up and it rocks!

    I really don't need 7 or 9 channels, I really just like to rock out at high volumes and have 4-5 channels- onkyo is perfect. It seems like when I turn my onkyo all the way up my Klipsch's just start to barely distort, so I turn it down just a little. So now Im thinking I don't neccesarilly need a new amp- speakers seem matched. If amp goes out refurbished Onkyo's are not too pricey.

    Question: Am I better off buying 2 more KF 28's so I can have 6 awesome channels on my onkyo (that's 4- kf 28,s, 2-kb15's and a sub), or should I upgrade my receiver? I was looking at Denon avr4000 and a Marantz, for about 800-900 each, but these have more channels than I need and still put out the same wattage per channel as my Onkyo at 8 ohms (around 100W). Or do I buy a new receiver so I can get better quality out of my current speakers at higher volumes- and if so, whats a good receiver/amp if I decide to upgrade from my onkyo, something that is basic, sounds great- don't need an avr system, just need a good loud music system to plug my cd player, my mp3 player into?

    I think Im pretty happy with what I have now, just want to make sure Im not missing something here with all this ohm, RMS, wattage stuff! Whats the best direction?
    Steve S, May 21, 2014
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