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Discussion in 'MIDI' started by mooioom, Oct 24, 2009.

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    online tools

    Free Online Tools for Musicians

    in our website you will find some good
    music resources and free tools for muscians and composers. an Online
    Guitar Tuner, Chord Progression Generator (
    chord-progression.html), Online Virtual Piano (http://
    virtual-piano.html) and a Songwriter application (http:// are just some of the free tools we
    in addition to our basic tools, you can also find alot of music
    composing and recording articles.
    How to build a simple home recording station, important issues when
    buying a new guitar, Music Theory Lessons, and much more are just a
    few of the articles that you will find in our music resources

    Online Guitar Tuner (
    Tune your guitar, put it in your favorites and access it from
    anywhere. it's lightweight and simple!

    Guitar newbie? this simple tool can be very helpful in your first
    steps it is highly recommended for any guitar player to always carry
    well tuned guitar. let alone the fact the it sounds better, having a
    well tuned guitar can help you train your ears to knowing the right

    Chord Progression Generator (
    Find some sweet chords for your new hit song! - more than 200
    progressions to choose from!

    looking for a sweet chord progression for a new song? well look no
    further my friend.
    all of the progressions are divided into scales for easy
    and soloing purposes.
    Simply find a random progression that suits you and start composing
    right away!

    Virtual Piano (
    Play virtual piano online! compose melodies and catchy tunes. its fun
    and easy!

    Do you have a cool riff or melody playing in your head but you just
    can seem to find a piano?
    Our FREE Online Piano can be a very useful tool for composing
    musicians and songwriters.
    Two octaves will allow you play a simple bass line and a melody to
    an harmonic reference
    of your desired riff / melody.

    Songwriter (
    Create lyrics and chords sheets for any use with ease.

    Do you have a band? Wanna carry around sheets of your own songs? no
    with Songwriter you can simply write down the lyrics, drag the chords
    of your song for the top bar.
    and then export the song to a jpeg file for any further use. its free
    and easy. come see.

    Music How To's (
    Learn about playing music, home recording, instruments, and much much
    more! offers an extensive knowledge base for muscians of all
    types and levels
    in our resources base you will find quality answers to general and
    specific music related questions.
    our database is constantly evolving. make sure you come back every
    once in a while to visit us!

    Jam Tracks - coming soon...
    Select a scale and jam your way into solo heaven!

    During the next few weeks we are expecting to upload a new jam tracks
    radio tool
    using this radio you will able to select a scale and jam on it.
    backing tracks styles will be diverse
    blues backing tracks, rockNroll, latin and even pop backing tracks
    will all be available for you to use. coming soon... - Online Guitar Tuner
    mooioom, Oct 24, 2009
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