Rogers JR149 Project

Discussion in 'DIY Discussion' started by ListeningEar, Jan 9, 2015.

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    Dec 22, 2004
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    Rogers JR149 now totally overhauled and re-engineered. These have a wealth of upgrades and modications that include reworked crossovers with all new capacitors and resistors mounted in external chassis. All wiring has been upgraded, new sound deadening which included filling the metal base sections and mass loading the stands (stands are not genuine Rogers stands).

    Sound is simply stunning! Mid and highs are glorious but in a large room you would probably need to add a subwoofer.

    Detailed description of work:

    Cabinets were badly damaged with deep scratches so these were shot blasted and powder coated in Red Bull Racing silver. New acoustic damping material was used and original weak threaded rods that run between the top and bottom end caps were replaced for M8 rods offering a much more secure fixing.

    Original end caps were cheap laminated chipboard, these have been replaced with solid walnut wood sections custom made by a local furniture maker. Bottom section is a thin steel dish which original housed the crossovers, this thin metal 'bowl' very poor isolation and negatively affects the bass response. These were lined with acoustic damping material, filled with sand and sealed with custom made cork inserts making these a completely solid and sealed unit.

    Drivers were all tested ok and well within tolerance but all wiring has been upgraded to pure copper, Neotech STDCT-18. The crossovers have been fitted into new external cases so new wiring is a continuous run from drivers to external crossovers. Crossovers have been upgraded by replacing all resistors for Mills MRA12 type and capacitors replaced for ClarityCap ESA's.

    I am really enjoying the sound of these Rogers and while I appreciate purists may think these should have been left alone this project was all about taking some classic speakers that were in shocking condition and re-working them to something that can be enjoyed for a long time.

    ListeningEar, Jan 9, 2015
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