Se Ela Perguntar (If She Asks)

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    Se Ela Perguntar (If She Asks)

    Composer: Dilermando Reis (1916 - 1977)

    This video is based on my old sound track, which was recorded at The Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, BC, Canada in 2011.

    Dilermando Reis (full name "Dilermando dos Santos Reis") (September 22, 1916 – January 2, 1977) was a Brazilian musician, composer, guitarist and music teacher. Born in São Paulo State but spending most of his life in Rio de Janeiro, Dilermando Reis is revered as one of the finest exponents of the Brazilian guitar and as a superb composer of works in the national tradition. He began his career in 1935 teaching guitar in a music store known as ‘the Silver Guitar’. This eventually gave him the opportunity to perform on the radio, as soloist and accompanist, where he established a national reputation. This led on to many recordings between 1941 and 1975, including no less than a hundred of his own compositions on disc, with his characteristic choros and waltzes as well as pieces by Bach, Barrios, Tárrega, Gnattali and Pixinguinha.

    Se Ela Perguntar translated means "If she asks". If she asks you about me...YOU ONLY SAY GOOD THINGS...

    burnabyguitar, Jan 22, 2022
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