Subwoofer bass rolloff

Discussion in 'High End Audio' started by ---MIKE---, Sep 25, 2003.

  1. ---MIKE---

    ---MIKE--- Guest

    I have a large listening room which needs several sub-woofers to give
    adequate bass. I am only interested in the range above about 32 hz.
    When I play some recordings with organ that have strong output below 32
    hz, the woofers give signs of distress. What is the best way to reduce
    the input to the subs below 32 hz?

    ---MIKE---, Sep 25, 2003
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  2. As Tom posted, you need a high pass filter. I think the way to go is
    with a dsp xover/loudspeaker manager. Most all prosound setups use
    them to protect the subs, and integrate the subs with the mains, along
    with a host of other functions. You of course don't need all the
    functions, but they've become so dang cheap ..... take the Behringer
    dcx2496 at less than $350 street .. it will give you high pass
    filtering with adjustable slopes/types up to 48 db/oct, along with
    complete xover funtions if you wish to alter the overlap between mains
    and subs (that is low pass the subs and high pass the mains). IMO,
    this is invaluable for dialing in a system. You'll get full input and
    output level controls, parametric and graphic eqs (number of limited
    only by dsp resources), and delay/phase compensation, as well as the
    standard polarity functions. You CAN use all these functions. Rane,
    dbx driverack, bss, xta, are other brands at an array of slightly
    higher to waay higher price points. If you want to get really snazzy,
    look into the combination matrix mixers/speaker managers. Biamp,
    Symetrix, Rane, Mackie industrial ... if you're playing with multiple
    channel audio, or need different speaker configurations without
    hooking/unhook gear, these things are friggin great.

    The only downside to them that I see (it's not sonics -- I've got a
    bunch of quality analog gear for comparison, and the dsp's are IMO at
    least as clean if not cleaner)is that you have to expand your system
    knowledge. They take a while to master, but it's well worth the

    I guess I've gotten a little carried away with a gear recommendation
    when all you specified is a simple HPF ... it's just that the dsps are
    so cheap, and you can learn so much, AND most importantly,improve your
    sound. FWIW
    Mark Wilkinson, Sep 26, 2003
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  3. ---MIKE---

    Sam Stark Guest

    Try a Paradigm X-30 a cheap but good active crossover.
    Sam Stark, Sep 26, 2003
  4. ---MIKE---

    ---MIKE--- Guest

    I went to the Paradigm web site to get more information but when I tried
    to enter, I kept getting the original page back. Actually. I was
    looking for a "cheaper" solution like a series capacitor or network.

    ---MIKE---, Sep 27, 2003
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