Suitable speakers for my Musical Fidelity X-A2 and X-Ray combo

Discussion in 'High End Audio' started by Anand Arun, Feb 9, 2005.

  1. Anand Arun

    Anand Arun Guest


    I recently accquired the MF X-A2 int amp and X-Ray CD player. They are
    very visually appealing (cool blue light on the amp). I hooked it up
    to my old Kef Q35 (first gen) and found that the treble was too

    I feel the speakers are not suitable for it. Could anyone please
    advise me on what speakers could be used with this combo. Perhaps
    someone who has the same equipment.

    The manual states that efficient speakers would be those in the 95db
    range. Are there any speakers in this range?

    Any advise would also be helpful.

    Anand Arun, Feb 9, 2005
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  2. Sure, but they usually cost a lot, and again usually, work better with tube

    I've heard the X series combo do wonders with Dali Helicom 300 speakers at a
    local show last year, it was the second best setup at the show IMHO.

    The price IS a bit on the high side, being more then the amp+cd together, but
    sure is worth it.

    I'm not sure why you ask about efficient speakrs as I'm sure the X-A2 would
    work well with any average loudspeaker (88dB+).

    However, if you're after a lot of musical enjoyment and don't care about the
    hi-fi mumbo-jumbo, you should look-up the Audio Note AZ-Two spkrs. These are
    93dB, have a flat 6 ohm impendance and are extremly easy to drive. They're
    rear horn loaded floorstanders (placement in room corners is suggested, mine
    work well just near the rear wall) and cost $1k.

    Oh yeah, I have a Musical Fidelity A2 with them at the moment (going SET as
    soon as funds allow).

    Good luck!

    p.s. I've owned the first Q55s. Treble problems all the time.
    Dalibor Bauernfrajnd, Feb 10, 2005
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  3. Anand Arun

    Anand Arun Guest

    Hi there,

    Thank you so much for your very informative feedback. I have made an
    appointment with a local distributor for Dali to test the Helicon 300
    with the X-A2. As for the Audio Note AZ-2 speakers its a bit harder to
    source for it here in Malaysia, however i am not giving up yet. I am
    sure someone would have it around here.

    Once again thanks for the info and good luck in exploring the SET
    amps. I found that the AZ-2's really do well with the SETs. Just
    curious which one do you have in mind?
    Anand Arun, Feb 15, 2005
  4. You're welcome :)

    If the budget allows, I'll go for the complete audio note setup, just gonna
    skip the Level Zero stuff.
    Dalibor Bauernfrajnd, Feb 16, 2005
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