That scottish record player again

Discussion in 'Hi-Fi and General Audio' started by darynngarrett7, Jan 12, 2022.

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    Due to a financial crisis about 10 years ago, I lost a Linn LP12/ Ittok/ Audio Technica AT0C5. I have cut my cloth since and am currently enjoying a nad turntable that appears to be virtually the same as a rega 2, especially now i have added the rega2 platter. I have also added a decent audio technica mm cart . This makes beautiful music and i enjoy it. Rest of system, recapped audiolab 8000c, rotel rb850 power, epos es14 speakers , 1990s rotel cd, ifi zen blue tooth streamer. All of this gear makes lovely music. I did have an upgrade plan but this has been disrupted by a bombshell. I have been offered an lp12, ekos, arkiv for 500 pounds. Its 1980s and was on the end of a lingo. If I cannot get the lingo, will the lp12 work or has it been internally adapted and cannot go back to its former lingo-less state. I always assumed the lingo did some mains altering and its only connection to the record player was the mains plug, but googling suggests it replaces the old power supply internally. Im aware its a risk getting this Linn, I know the source and I know it was loved and surrounded by 2 nap 250s and assorted control and power supplies of the chrome bumper era...I wont be going down that road and theyre not available. I am aware the Linn will need a bit of tlc. Should I go there and will it work minus the lingo? One final thing , if that cartridge is bust, it would be hobsons choice and id fit my audio technica mm to the ekos. Would that be criminal? No worse than a k9 on an ittok surely. AsI type im on a train and cannot remember the cartridge model but i bought it new a few months ago for a deal at around 100 quid and it totally transformed that nad deck, honestly it was breath takingly better. Any thoughts and advice ?
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    darynngarrett7, Jan 12, 2022
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  2. darynngarrett7


    May 31, 2012
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    As far as I'm aware, the motor used in the LP12 with or without Lingo are the same, so if you don't have the Lingo, you should be able to rewire it to run off the mains as normal. You will need to buy a capacitor and resistor and some sort of mounting board to restore the original passive phase-shifting and voltage dropping arrangement.

    As to cartridge, if the arkiv works but may need a new stylus, you can get it retipped. My recommendation is Expert Stylus, as they have done three of my cartridges with complete success, and at a sensible price.

    In the meantime, your AT cartridge would be fine. £500 isn't rock bottom, but a decent enough price which you could get back if you decided later to sell.

    Sergeauckland, Jan 12, 2022
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