This week's '3 Minutes on the Radio With Dec' is now ready

Discussion in 'Pro Audio' started by Dec [Cluskey], Jan 6, 2010.

  1. Your '3 Mins on the Radio With Dec' is ready

    From: Dec Cluskey
    The Serious Writers Guild, Stanton Prior, Darley Road, Meads,
    Eastbourne, BN20 7UH.
    Tel +44 (0)1323.725008 Fax: +44(0)1323.729318.


    Hi Gang

    Just a note to say that this week's '3 Minutes on the Radio With Dec'
    is also now ready for you at

    'One Minute With Dec', the widest read, delivered, weekly music Ezine
    on the Net, is available at

    You should have had it by Email but your Sp*m filter may have snaffled

    'One Minute' Menu

    * A good year to come? [ now is the time to plan ]
    * MySpace ideas [can we use it better?]
    * How it can increase traffic, leads, and sales? [get your music site
    working fast?]
    * Testimonials [Demo Consultation?]
    * Subscriber's Section [ Collaboration techniques and an original
    style? ]
    * The gags: ..... [ Women drivers? From Willie – don’t blame
    me! ]

    Don't forget, you can always contact me direct with any music
    queries ... simply Email

    Quote of the week: “Discipline is the bridge between Goals and


    Dec [Cluskey] dec at
    Dec [Cluskey], Jan 6, 2010
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