What speaker cable for 5 speaker surround?

Discussion in 'Hi-Fi and General Audio' started by Frilliant, May 13, 2023.

  1. Frilliant


    May 13, 2023
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    Hi everyone. I'm new here.

    Could anyone recommend some decent replacement copper cable please to get the most out of it again?

    Also wondering what is the biggest gauge cable I could run for 8 ohms speakers I could use for best sound too please?

    I've got a pioneer 5.1 home cinema surround amp, with matching set of 5 speakers, nothing really fancy. No sub though. No HDMI connections or bluetooth either

    Ever since I bought it I've been running ( about £20 - £30 a time pre-packaged roll ) copper speaker cable in a sheath, I've moved around a fair bit & it's always gone with me. For a while now it's not been sounding as good or loud as it used to when turned up a bit, not too much, & I'm wondering what would be 1 of the best speaker cable/s to use to re wire it with?

    Last couple of days have been using a very basic cheap dvd player to play cds that's connected to main TV with TV connected to amp with a Digital Optical Audio Cable & even turned up it sounds a bit rubbish/tinnie. TV also has sound setting set to External Audio system too.

    Thank you. Frilliant
    Frilliant, May 13, 2023
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