Why are so many floor standing speakers too short?

Discussion in 'High End Audio' started by MD, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. MD

    MD Guest

    Audio Physic, QUAD, Monitor, Gallo Ref 3 etc

    Why do manufacturers make speakers so short they put the
    tweeters/midranges 6" or below the average listening height? People
    actually buy stands for the QUAD and Gallo. That is ridiculous and a rip
    off. This is simple human engineering
    MD, Aug 25, 2006
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  2. MD

    dpierce Guest

    Lots of reasons.

    * Cutting schemes for the sheet goods needed to build
    the cabinet is often carefully optimized to minimize material
    wastage. I have often seen a case where adding 6 inches to
    one dimension could result in wastage going from 5% to

    * In the high-end world, many of these cabinets are made
    in relatively low-volume factories that are not well equipped
    to handle panels longer than some dimension, and that
    sets a limit to the upper size of a cabinet.

    In the mainstream, this limit is often rigidly enforced by
    automated machinery whose maximum dimensions
    are very much cinstrained and inviolable.

    * The outside dimensions of a well-design speaker is
    entirely dependent on the required internal volume.
    Increasing that volume an very likely make the
    performance of the speaker WORSE, not better.
    If the depth and the width of the speaker is fixed by
    other considerations, then the height is fixed as well.

    * Packing materal costs, shipping expenses and storage
    costs are all dependent upon size.
    How is it a "rip-off?" How are you being "cheated" in
    any way at all? The manufacturers clearly state the
    dimensions, don't they?

    "This is simple human engineering."

    Hardly. "Average listening height" is far from being in
    any useful way standardized. When I listen, I tend to sit
    upright in a normal chair, and thus "average listening
    height" for me is nearly 48" off the floor. Yet, a good
    friend of mine who's 2" taller likes to sit on a low couch,
    making his "average listening height" only about 39"
    off the floor.

    So, let's use MY standard, and put the tweeters 4 feet
    up. That pretty much precludes, by you criteria, anyone
    sitting lower.

    It's a LOT easier to put a stand under a speaker that's
    too short than try to fix a speaker that's too tall.
    dpierce, Aug 26, 2006
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  3. MD

    1shado1 Guest

    DRAT! And I thought it was my floor that was too low. ; )

    1shado1, Aug 26, 2006
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