Étude op. 60, no. 3 (Matteo Carcassi)

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    Étude op. 60, no. 3 (Matteo Carcassi)

    Matteo Carcassi (Florence, Italy, 1792 - Paris, France, 1853) was a famous guitarist and composer. Carcassi started playing music on the piano, but learnt guitar when still a child. He obtained a virtuoso reputation as a concert guitarist very quickly.
    Carcassi wrote a method for guitar (Op. 59), first published with Schott in Mainz, in 1836. It is still valuable, relevant and interesting. His most famous works are collected in his 25 Études, Op. 60. In these, he managed to blend technical skills and brilliant Romantic music. This is the reason his music is still played by so many classical guitarists today.
    This piece, Andantino, is the 3rd study of Op. 60.

    burnabyguitar, Oct 28, 2022
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