Akai tape reel drags

Discussion in 'Hi-Fi and General Audio' started by shade23, Jul 3, 2022.

  1. shade23


    Feb 17, 2022
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    I just purchased an Akai GX 280D SS and am getting everything cleaned and ready to operate. The only problem I found is the supply reel table and the take-up reel table both drag. I pulled both tables and they each have one disc spacer. No matter what tape reel I use, they both drag. I put the two separate spacers under the same table and they run perfect and without drag. Is there supposed to be two spacers for each table? I don't mind fabricating a thicker spacer but hate to incase I ever sell the unit. I can't find an adjustment of any kind for the tables. Thank you!
    shade23, Jul 3, 2022
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  2. shade23


    May 31, 2012
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    If you mean adjusting the height of the reel tables, that's described on Page 12 of the Service Manual.

    If you don't already have one, I suggest you download it as it gives you all the adjustments you need.

    I can't post it here as the file is too big, but if you message me with your email address, I'll email it to you.

    Alternatively, you can download it directly from Free download Akai GX 280 D Service Manual (audioservicemanuals.com)

    Sergeauckland, Jul 4, 2022
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