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For Sale: Discussion in 'Classified Adverts' started by SimonConnell, Jul 15, 2003.

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    Jul 15, 2003
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    Pictures are available of anything on the list, and please don't hesitate to ask me any questions you may have.

    Exposure XI/VI
    XI is mint and boxed, newest style billet aluminium front panel. VI is near mint but unboxed, and in older style wrap-over casing. Has switchable MM/MC phono stage (better than a Michell Iso), and tape loops, together with line inputs. Sounds totally fantastic, equivalent to a NAC82.
    Cost £1500, asking £225ono

    Logic DM101
    No arm or cart on this one, but a very good table. Last owner always had it serviced at Manticore. Boxed. Overall in very good condition, with lid and platter excellent, but some marks on the plinth lower overall score.

    Thorens TD150
    Excellent starter table, with improved 50mm thick baseboard, Linn Nirvana suspension and plenty of internal bracing and damping. Still has Basik style circuit, but with massively over-specced components. Near mint.

    Linn Valhalla
    1988 version, in good condition having been tucked away inside a deck all its life. Comes with power switch. Won't be available for a week until its removed!

    Pioneer A400
    Needs a new volume control, its a basic RS/ Maplin part and a two minute soldering job. Also has a few loose earthing sleeves on the phono sockets at the rear. Needs work, but a real classic amp - tape loops, heaphone socket, MM/MC phono stage.

    Roksan DA-1 DAC
    Amazingly musical performer, relatively small and unassuming but sings very sweetly indeed.

    Various cables and interconnects, ask for details. Prices from £8 upwards.
    Cambridge Audio Pacific 1m, good but marks on the sleeve £10 (£30 new) XLO 0.5m, two-tone purple cross-weave, model unknown but expensive (£100+). Good, but plugs need a clean with Kontakt/ similar £35 2 x 3.5m lengths of tech+link 79 strand OFC copper speaker cable, good buget cable, unterminated. £5 2 x c3m lengths of Linn K20, unterminated. Highly rated cable. £5

    AudioQuest Digital Pro, solid silver, AQ's best ever digital cable. Cost £150, selling for £50.

    simonconnell at hotmail dot com
    SimonConnell, Jul 15, 2003
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