And another beautiful vivid LP12 - this one with n/mint Ittok and Zebrano plinth

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    Jan 1, 2011
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    Hi All
    Another of our stunning LINN LP12's just ready, with Vivid upgrades including an amazing solid Zebrano plinth
    And spotless Linn Ittok LV2 - later counterweight model

    We re build and upgrade more LP12's than any other trader

    Comes with:
    A truly amazing Zebrano solid wood plinth
    vivid sub chassis
    vivid arm board
    vivid bottom base board
    vivid sorbothane shock absorbers
    LP12 acri mat
    A very nice used clear Linn lid with new hinges
    Later model Valhalla
    New mains lead
    Fully rebuilt etc etc - every nut bolt and gromit - and set up to absolute perfection

    Available for £1,375 or to Zerogain members... £1,300
    Delivered if required in our superb LP12 packaging

    Also available with our Lingo beating off board 33/45 PSU (£200 extra) or the Hercules PSU (£139 extra) and of course cartridges at great prices

    And if you already have an LP12 you can have it upgraded to an altogether better specification for £699 (complete vivid upgrade package with free rebuild service etc etc –we can also supply packaging with instructions and collect your LP12 on a day to suit you)

    The results are staggeringly good – demo available

    We have hundreds of pics of our vivid LP12 work (and the amazing feedback) – let us know by email if you would like to see some of them, or if your require further information

    We are open Saturday for demo - please phone

    Best wishes

    Managing Director

    Inspire Hi Fi Limited
    Unit 11
    Markham Vale Environment Centre
    Markham Vale
    S44 5HY
    [email protected]
    01246 827272
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    inspirehifi, Jan 21, 2011
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