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    For repairs, rebuilds and mods to almost all analogue equipment, ancient and modern, valved or solid state call Arkless Electronics on 01670 530674 or PM me.

    Please note that I only work on analogue equipment so I don't touch CD players, DAC's, streamers etc. I do build and repair linear PSU's for these. Basically if it has a USB socket or a digital display I don't touch it.

    I specialise in phono stages, head amps, pre amps, power amps, headphone amps and power supplies, ancient and modern, solid state and valved.

    I do repairs, rebuilds, re-capping, modifications and kit debugging to all brands.

    Some examples:

    Rebuilding of vintage valve amplifiers such as Leak, Quad, Radford, McIntosh, Beam Echo, RCA etc to better than new standard.

    Repairs and rebuilds to more modern valve amps such as Beard, VTL, Audio Innovations, Tube Technology, Jadis, Audio Research etc.

    Repairs, rebuilds, re-capping of vintage Japanese amps and classic solid state gear of other origins such as Sugden, Leak, A&R Cambridge, Quad, Krell, Mark Levinson, Exposure etc.

    Repairs to most modern brands.

    Modifications and improvements such as fitting better op amps and capacitors to phono stages and pre amps, changing input loading on phono stages without user adjustable loading, designing, building and fitting of voltage regulators, installing commercial voltage regulators etc.

    Building of linear power supplies for any application.

    "Weird and wonderful" and "wish list" stuff....

    Want a regulated supply adding to your valve amp?

    Want the phase splitter stage of your Leak Stereo 20 (or whatever) replaced with the Radford topology?

    Want the output stage of your valve pre amp rebuilt to be an improved hybrid stage?

    Want a Quad 303 converted to complementary output stage?

    Want an integrated amp converted into a power amp or pre out/power in sockets adding?

    Want an unusual cable making up?

    Anything you can think of... just ask!

    And there is the Arkless 640P phono stage of course which remains available and excellent VFM.
    Arkless Electronics, Oct 14, 2019
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