Connect stereo speakers to iMac

Discussion in 'Hi-Fi and General Audio' started by Ksi, Feb 22, 2016.

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    Feb 22, 2016
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    Hello everyone,

    Disclaimer first - I am not at all an electronics specialist, but stuck with doing all sorts of things TV/audio/computer/network around the house because my husband will not do it. If you could answer my questions without laughing at me too much, I will be very grateful :)

    I have a pair of old (but nice) stereo speakers that I want to use with my iMac instead of the built-in speakers. Is there a way for me to use some sort of connector/transmitter/receiver to do that? I think I want to connect the computer to this "transmitter" via USB, and then the transmitter to the speakers through the RCA audio output. These are regular, not powered speakers. Am I thinking about this right?

    If this sounds right, then should the "transmitter" have two sets of RCA output - one for each speaker? I have seen transmitters that only have one - how do I connect the two speakers, then? Two red wires from both speakers into the red socket, and two black in the white socket? Would I still get stereo sound if things are connected this way?

    I found this device is this what I need? if not, can you think of anything I could use?

    Thanks a lot!
    Ksi, Feb 22, 2016
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