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    Feb 28, 2017
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    Is this a proper branch of the forum?:
    This is an invention; does anybody know a manufacturer who produces something like that?: A radio with the ability of recording to a pendrive or SD card etc. could keep in its internal memory latest 30 seconds of the received programme. Upon a dedicated button (marked LATE REC) is pressed, the content of this memory should be copied to the external memory (pendrive or SD card etc.) along with the succeeding programme. This function should be used along with a computer application which would make it possible to edit such a record, especially to cut out several seconds at the beginning and at the end of the record. Probably the same application should be used to set the title of the record (the radio should set a temporary name for a record, stating when it was recorded and from which broadcaster).

    If I will not receive info (preferably a reply on this forum) that somebody is producing such devices, I will assume this invention should be considered mine. In this case I am granting to everybody a free license to use this invention, provided I will be informed about that (my address: Adam Kleiner, ul. Jaworowa 3, 30-327 Krakow, Poland). Since this article appeared, I believe nobody can patent the same invention. If one does, I believe the patent will be invalid in the sense that the patent owner will not be authorized to demand money for using this invention.
    Adam23, Feb 28, 2017
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