If i cut the rca adaptors off the end of the wire will they still work?

Discussion in 'Hi-Fi and General Audio' started by zach4marston, Sep 26, 2018.

  1. zach4marston


    Aug 28, 2018
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    So i need to connect an amplifier to my speakers, however the input on my speakers is a round rca end, one red one white, but the output on the amp is a traditional screw style to connect the exposed wire. If i cut the end off my rca wire so that it is exposed on one end, would that then work going from the amp to my speakers?

    Just wanted clarity before i went cutting wires up.

    zach4marston, Sep 26, 2018
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  2. zach4marston


    May 31, 2010
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    Prosser, WA
    Of course they'll still work. The RCA connector is sometimes used by manufacturers who are cheap, stupid, or whose amplifier which accompanies the speakers has a high pass filter or other eq enabled. Does the amplifier you are not connecting to have a subwoofer output as well? If so, be careful driving the speakers with the RCA connections with another amplifier with full range signal. If not, then you should be okay as long as the speakers aren't powered with their own internal amplifiers. Do you have to plug the speakers into power as well as connecting the RCA? If so, the RCA is a line level signal, not speaker level. And don't be surprised if after cutting off the RCA connectors and running from a different amp that these speakers sound poor. The factory amplifier most certainly has an EQ curve specific to the speakers.
    attrition, Oct 8, 2018
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