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    All items are in stock unless otherwise stated (prices inc VAT).

    Special Offers:
    ATC SCM11 Speakers ~ £895 (RRP £956)
    Grado RS1i Headphones ~ £795 (RRP £850)
    Icon Audio Passive Preamp ~ £195 (RRP £249.50)
    Weiss INT202 Interface ~ £875 (RRP £930)
    Weiss DAC2 ~ £1,895 (RRP £1,950)
    Weiss DAC202 ~ £3,849 (out of stock)

    ATC SCM 50SL AT (Obsidian Black) ~ £6,500 (Sold)
    Benchmark Media DAC1 Pre ~ £1,095 (RRP £1,621.50)
    Neat Motive One Loudspeakers (Light Oak) ~ £895 (RRP £1,448)
    Vivid Audio B1 Loudspeakers (Graphite Black) ~ £6,950 (RRP £11,000)

    An additional 5% discount is being offered to ZeroGain members!


    Buy a DAC2 and we will give you a full refund when you upgrade to a DAC202 within a 6 month period starting from your DAC2 delivery date. Contact us for details!

    Igloo Audio is constantly looking to add new products that we believe provide excellent performance, whilst offering good value for money against known references. We are currently reviewing 6 new brands, and would welcome your input with any suggestions for brands you think we should consider?

    Kind regards,

    Website: Igloo Audio
    Igloo Audio, Aug 3, 2010
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