Liquid bearings turntable oil.

Discussion in 'Hi-Fi and General Audio' started by sq225917, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. sq225917

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    It's not often that i wax lyrical about anything, mostly because I dislike most things and especially most people. But I just have to tell you all about the new 'liquid bearings' turntable oil that I received today for my SME 10. Let me tell you the full story.

    About 2 weeks ago i ordered some turntable oil from the new, hot property, must have, ebay selling oil vendor. I'd done my homework, read the reviews, checked his feedback, handed over my money and awaited delivery. I nipped out for a bike ride on tuesday and what do you know the buggers wouldn't post it through the cat flap- typical. Anyway I've been so flat out since then that i didn't have time to call into the sorting office to collect it until today.

    I handed my card over and flashed my ID and scurried off home with new bottle of 'liquid bearings' turntable oil. Once home I disassembled my SME 10, stripped the bearing, cleaned with ISO, wiped down with E-cloth (these are great things) and set it aside to dry. I then popped the drip proof rubber top from my 'liquid bearing' needle dispenser bottle and filled my SME 10 bearing well to the top. I screwed in the screw, inverted the bearing and then reassembled the deck.

    After letting the bearing settle for an hour, just in case, i stuck a record on, flicked play and dropped the needle.

    I can confirm that 'Liquid Bearings' ultimate turntable bearing oil, is everything they claimed, it's oily, synthetic, comes in a 20ml needle nose dispenser bottle and is suitable for lubricating a turntable bearing...

    Well what were you expecting it's only bloody oil.
    sq225917, Jun 23, 2011
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  2. sq225917

    RobHolt Moderator

    Oct 24, 2004
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    LOL - after that build-up I was expecting a lot more than I got :)
    RobHolt, Jun 23, 2011
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