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Discussion in 'Hi-Fi and General Audio' started by Jeff Lee, Mar 5, 2018.

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    Having invested in a pretty pricey stereo system a few years back (Boulder amplification and Triangle Magellan Cello speakers), I have added a few bits of kit to add streaming and CD-ripping in a way that I hope will retain the SQ of the system and even build on it via hi-res. Trouble is I am never too sure if I am getting the best from what I have. and I do get lost in a lot of the info about different DACs, quality settings, etc. And although I can now stream music from Qobuz, I'm not sure how to ensure the quality is at its best. Main interest is classical music but also jazz, female vocalists, classic rock.

    If anyone can offer advice I'd be very grateful.

    Boulder pre-amp (no digital input as such)
    Bluesound Vault 2 (ripping CDs and includes Qobuz access as well as radio sources)
    Chromecast Audio (my first foray into streaming, and seems to work OK with Qobuz
    Marantz SACD player SA10, which includes co-ax and optical inputs/outputs as well as usual RCA outputs to pre-amp (so the Vault 2 and Chromecast are connected into the Marantz)
    I have a subscription to Qobuz Sublime and wondering whether to up it to Sublime+, which offers hi-res streaming)
    I also have a subscription to Roon since I found the metadata offered by Bluesound is a bit hit and miss and I don't want to spend hours editing it. But Roon and Qobuz don't seem to link together easily so I might give up on Roon - does that make sense?

    The other query is re. setup. I've pored over the instructions for everything but I'm not sure how to get the best sound quality especially since the Vault, Chromecast and Marantz all seem to have onboard DACs.

    Dimbo question: do all the DACS work together, or does the music signal somehow pick the best one available, or if not does anyone understand how to get all this stuff to work at its best?

    Apologies if this is unclear but this forum seems to be the best source of objective info. CDs and LPs are so simple...

    Many thanks.
    Jeff Lee, Mar 5, 2018
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