Mandala pad with Roland Vdrums?

Discussion in 'DIY Discussion' started by jeremywatts, Aug 5, 2018.

  1. jeremywatts


    Aug 5, 2018
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    Hi, new to the forum and to electronic audio in general.

    I'm a drummer and just purchased a (USB) Mandala pad to add some electronic sounds to my acoustic kit. It has a USB out only. The Virtual Brain software that it comes with is pretty substantial, but additional Mandala pads are pretty pricey. I see used Roland V-drums (which have 1/4" out only) and such for sale all the time and am wondering if I can somehow run V-drums or other electronic drums through the Mandala's software program along with the Mandala pad. I don't really need the Mandala's versatility on more than a single pad, but would really like to be able to use the Virtual Brain software to add my own sounds to all of my pads. Any input on how to do this, using language for a total audio noob would be greatly appreciated.
    jeremywatts, Aug 5, 2018
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