MidFi Upgrade advice, I'm overwhelmed!

Discussion in 'Hi-Fi and General Audio' started by Capt Haddock, Dec 7, 2017.

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    Dec 7, 2017
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    I've re-awakened my HiFi interest due to a random purchase, but now need some opinions as to what to do next. I'm not new to HiFi (had a Cyrus 1, Trio deck and Missions 30 years ago, should never have sold them). I listen to everything bar classical - Steve Hillage to the Sub-Humans, Black Sabbath to Tangerine Dream, Lee Scratch Perry to German Hard House, Trip Hop to Ice T........ varied. My system was until last weekend:

    Rega Alya speakers
    Denon PMA 350II (I know its old and bold but I liked the sound for years)
    Cambridge Audio 640c Azur (starting to play up a bit)
    Project II turntable Ortofon 510 cartridge (an original Project II not one of the new ones)
    Squeezebox (rarely used)

    Last weekend I happened upon a Creek 4040s2 amp in a sale for £90 so bought it for my son to replace his NAD. I forgot how good amps of this era are, (why did I sell the Cyrus 1) Lurking in the corner were a pair of weird but attractive purple speakers, big steel bands over the top of them. The enthused seller showed me the ribbon tweeter upgrades he had done and gave me a demo. I was hooked. £200 later and they were in the car. Panic! What are they, have I been done? Found out they are MonoPulse 22 units from 2004 but cannot get any info on them even from Allan Hendy - suggested I buy a new pair :(
    I like them alot, tighter and better base than the Alya, good soundscape but in the same vein of real sound.

    The dilemma.
    Speakers Swapped, and think I'm happy.
    I will upgrade the Project with an Ortofon Red
    I have funds for either a new amp or CDP not both. I cannot decide which is more important currently. Almost bought a mint Rega Apollo for £200 (and still can), but should I really upgrade the amp instead? I need to run 2 sets of speakers from the amp (speakers B going to a QED switchbox for kitchen and garden speakers), so an amp with second set of speakers is essential. Don't mind second hand. Opinions and abuse welcomed.
    Capt Haddock, Dec 7, 2017
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