Mitchell Cotter MK-2 Step-Up Transformer (NEW PRICE)

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    Feb 9, 2008
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    SOLD - Mitchell Cotter MK-2 Step-Up Transformer (set to value P, 2 to 30 ohms)

    New price is $775.

    One owner since new, good cosmetic condition . This unit has never been modified. Original silver output wires. Serial # T2-917-911.

    This unit has been given a thorough listening test on a friend's Linn set-up and it works perfectly.

    The MK-2 has load impedance jumpers inside, making possible for the user to set its "impedance range" configuration as l, p, s or pp type for optimal cartridge matching. This unit comes in its original "factory setting" as type P. I do not have the connection diagram, but they are available. With proper soldering skills you buyer can change the configuration.

    These units are relatively rare. Review on Vinyl Engine.

    DC Resistance: Less than 3 ohms
    Voltage Ratio: 16.8 to 1
    Gain: 24.5 db
    Pickup impedance range: 2 to 30 ohms

    Cashiers Check or Money Order only.
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    Montague, Mar 10, 2008
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