Oh, Charlie Is My Darling

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    Oh, Charlie Is My Darling
    Traditional Scottish Songs

    "Charlie Is My Darling" is the title of a number of traditional Scots songs.

    The first is attributed variously to James Hogg or Carolina Oliphant (Lady Nairne). Beginning with the line Twas on a Monday morning, right early in the year, it celebrates the Jacobite movement. A second later song of the same name is attributed to Charles Gray. However, the best-known version is by Robert Burns, whose 1794 version is somewhat more earthy than the more patriotic earlier ones. Eddi Reader has recorded a popular version of this one on her highly regarded CD of Burns' songs.

    There is an arrangement by Ludwig van Beethoven, "Charlie is my darling", WoO. 157 (12 songs of various nationalities) no. 3 (1819).

    burnabyguitar, Aug 27, 2022
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