Oleg Prostitov Opera "Ermak"

Discussion in 'Classical Music' started by BayHalt, May 30, 2021.

  1. BayHalt


    May 30, 2021
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    Composer Oleg Prostitov
    Libretto Vasily Dvortsov
    opera-fresco "Ermak" (Prologue, four paintings, epilogue)
    concert performance

    Ermak-Vladimir Kovarsky (bass)
    Ugra - Veronica Tsai (soprano)
    Kuchum - Evgeny Steinmiller (baritone)
    Ermak's mother - Irina Makarova (soprano)
    Ivan Ring- (tenor)
    Reader Andrey Kolemasov
    Chorus of the Mariinsky Theater, choirmaster Andrey Petrenko
    Consolidated choir of the Tomsk College of Music, choirmaster Elena Tsareva and Irina Igumnova
    Tomsk Academic Symphony Orchestra conductor Yaroslav Tkalenko

    BayHalt, May 30, 2021
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