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    Beyond the 4th Dimension
    Coherent Systems are pleased to announce we now have the superb Oracle Delphi MK VI here in the UK.
    Over the last ten days we have had the priviledge of getting to know this superb deck intimately. Rounded off by having the Delphi VI designer Jacques Riedeau and his engineering guru Stephane visit these shores last week for an indepth interview with one of the top UK magazines.
    Jacques was gracious enough to run through the design changes and reasons behind the upgrades to the all ready legendary turntable.
    The sound of this table is nothing short of stunning, some of the sweetest high freqenices you will EVER hear, crystal clear open sound scape with delicate musical interplayes being rendred 'free'. Bass on the Delphi VI has that most enjoyable of traits 'chewy',is a great word; timing, depth, detail and resolution of the bass are remarkable all coupled will a superb natural flow.
    You will be able to read the whole story of the MK VI Delphi in the coming months, in the mean time we have condensed some of the main features for you here.

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    Jacques checking the Delphi MK VI on his recent visit
    wadia-miester, Apr 20, 2010
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